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We draw on seventeen years' OpenVMS experience with a wide range of VAX and Alpha OpenVMS systems. Our assignments have included:

...and to depart a little from the OpenVMS space:


The following papers were delivered at DECUS symposia in Australia:

The following articles were written for the information of Telstra BigPond Broadband Cable subscribers. Please note that these articles have no endorsement from Telstra BigPond.

1997 DECUS Symposium - Gold Coast, QLD

Migrating Corporate Mail Platforms
The Transition from ALL-IN-1 to Exchange

For many different reasons, corporations with established minicomputer-based messaging platforms are deciding to switch to Microsoft Exchange as their corporate mail platform. The object of this paper is not to examine the reasons or merits of such a move, but rather to examine what some of the issues are which have to be addressed by the IS department when it is faced with the task of implementing the change. Besides the obvious technical challenge of designing and building the new messaging infrastructure, there is the challenge of overcoming the resistance to change, winning employee confidence in the new platform and ensuring that all mail continues to be delivered reliably throughout the transition. These issues are examined in the specific context of a large corporation migrating from DIGITAL's ALL-IN-1 Office Server to Microsoft's Exchange Server.

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2001 DECUS Symposium - Sydney, NSW

Survival of the Fittest
DECnet in an IP-only World

Does the fact that your company has decided to move to an IP-only WAN mean that your OpenVMS DECnet applications need to be retired or re-written? No! DECnet-Plus (when configured properly) allows existing DECnet business applications to function without modification, oblivious of the fact that the link between the two DECnet nodes is IP. This paper presents both high-level and technical details of how this works as well as introducing a few tips and tricks.

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